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Uber is in hot water in Europe, again

Uber which is an American car sharing company is facing troubles in Germany. The car sharing service provider is facing fines in Germany for about $330,000 or 250,000 euros. The employees of the company who operate in Germany are also in a risk of facing up to six months in jail in case they violate the ban that has been put in place by a court in Frankfurt. The ban has been put in place due to allegations that the company is violating local laws that are used to regulate the car sharing services in Germany. The ban that has been put in place is temporally which can be lifted in case the company wins the case.

uber_pic_girl getting out of car
Uber has gone international!


The injunction was made last week but people came to know about it on Tuesday. The injunction will be effective till the case that is pending in the court will be heard and decided. The case is thought to be heard later in the year.

According to the court ruling the company`s drivers did not have a license to operate as taxi drivers in Germany. They also lacked an insurance cover which is mandatory for taxi drivers to have in Germany. According to the court, Uber which is the company that allows people to book taxi services through use of smartphone applications is responsible for the judges because it is the one that facilitates the drivers to carry on the services illegally.

According to the ban, Uber which is worth $17 billion and operates in 36 countries where it serves more than 100 cities will be liable for fines which will be made in case its employees violate the ban that has been put in place by the court of law.

At the begging of this summer, about 10,000 taxi drivers took to the streets of Madrid and London in their efforts to complain about the company. The taxi drivers were complaining that Uber does not comply with rules and regulations put in place.


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