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Lyft Launching Service in New York

Have you heard of Lyft? Most probably you have, especially if you reside in major metropolitan areas such as Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Lyft NYC service employs regular motorists to give rides. This is carried out through the company’s smartphone app. There are already over 500 drivers enrolled to take part in this service that is planned to launch within New York City. These drivers were asked to put pink mustaches on their cars so as to make them stand out and make sure that they are easily identifiable.  In fact this debut in New York was going to be one of the largest in the past seven years for this company, which already services around 60 different cities across the nation.


lyft nyc promo code car going under Brooklyn Bridge
Lyft car driving around NYC!

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The Details About Lyft in The Big Apple

THowever, all this was recently put to a stop by The Taxi and Limousine Commission. The notice was issued just two days before the date of the grand debut in July 2014. This action has resulted primarily because the company had not reached an agreement with the New York regulators, and thus the TLC had to come into play.

The main reasons given for this declaration were that Lyft was not going to comply with the Commission’s safety requirements, and insufficient evaluation and licensing of the drivers who were going to take part in this service. The drivers were not going to be subjected to the necessary checks, such as criminal and drug checks. Moreover, the vehicles that were going to be used by these drivers were not going to be formally verified either.  Enforcement actions could even lead the participating drivers to lose their vehicles, or to incur fines that went up to $2,000.

In an attempt to counteract these reasons, Mr. John Zimmer, a co-founder of Lyft, explained that they carried out rigorous checks to approve the drivers and their vehicles.  Meanwhile, a Lyft spokeswoman confirmed that the company was still going to start the Lyft service in New York as planned. Get ready!


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