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About Ride Sharing

Real-Time Ride Sharing is one of the best services to arrange one-time shared carpool rides on short notice. In most cases, such carpooling makes use of three different technological devices, including:

  • GPS Navigation Devices – They can accurately determine a driver’s route. This helps in arranging the shared ride.
  • Smartphones – With smartphones, a traveler can easily request a ride from anywhere. It makes everything more convenient.
  • Social Networks – Social networking websites can establish accountability and trust between passengers and drivers.


Ride Sharing App Lyft showing Lyft cars
Ride Sharing Lyft App!

These different elements are properly coordinated through a standard network service. It can instantaneously and easily match rides, handle drivers payments and perform other tasks with an optimization algorithm.

Real-Time Ridesharing is an exceptional service that is promoted as a medium to better utilize vacant passenger seats in most cars. This lowers the transport costs and fuel usage. The service can also serve areas that are not covered by the public transit system. It acts as a smooth transit feeder service. The best part is that Real-Time Ridesharing is capable of serving one-time trips. It does not only focus on scheduled trips or recurrent commute trips.

Around 2012, many different technology companies based in San Francisco, USA introduced applications for real-time ridesharing. However, a cease and desist letter was issued to some rideshare companies in the fall of 2012. The letter was issued by the California Public Utilities Commission. The companies involved were Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and Wingz. These companies were fined $20,000 each.

In 2013, the companies reached an agreement with the California Public Utilities Commission. Thus, these actions were reversed. This development led to the introduction of a new type of service. It was called ‘Transportation Network Companies’. These companies covered both scheduled ridesharing and real-time ridesharing companies. Since then, real-time ridesharing has been extremely popular among travelers in many different parts of the country. It has become a revolutionary concept for commuters.

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